Revolutionizing Infrastructure Monitoring: A Case Study of Arnmore’s SatIoT 360 Service

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September 20, 2023

Bridges play a crucial role in keeping communities connected. Alarming trends in bridge failures worldwide have raised concerns about their structural integrity. In 2018, there were 10 major bridge failures globally, revealing a pressing need for effective solutions. In Europe, the vast rail network with 300,000 bridges faced risks, with 300 at risk of failure in 2019. The US also confronted similar issues, with 1 in 11 bridges being rated as structurally deficient.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the need to ensure the safety and longevity of critical infrastructure is paramount. This case study explores how Arnmore Limited, a leading specialist consultancy, partnered with FOSSA to develop a solution known as SAIN (Sonic Analysis of Infrastructure). By monitoring the harmonic response and vibrations of bridges and tracks, Arnmore aimed to enhance structural integrity and detect potential issues. 

A multitude of bridges, some dating back several decades, serve as essential conduits for train transportation. Arnmore recognized the need to monitor these structures closely to ensure their safety and operational efficiency. The primary objectives of the SAIN project were to monitor structural integrity and estimate train speeds while detecting any wheel defects.

FOSSA, partnered with Arnmore to develop a dedicated infrastructure monitoring solution. The FOSSA XL was designed to capture vital data for analysis. Ten units of the FOSSA XL were deployed, equipped with a dual communication system (satellite/GSM), a power module (solar panel + batteries), and acoustic sensors to detect environmental vibrations.

The FOSSA XL played a crucial role in monitoring the structural integrity of bridges and tracks. By analyzing the harmonic response of these structures, the solution provided valuable insights into their long-term stability. Any deviations or anomalies could be detected, allowing for proactive maintenance and necessary repairs.

Another remarkable capability of the FOSSA XL was the ability to estimate train speeds and identify potential wheel defects. Through advanced vibration analysis, the solution could assess the performance of trains running on the infrastructure. By capturing and analyzing acoustic data, FOSSA’s technology provided actionable insights for optimizing train operations and ensuring passenger safety.

The collaboration between Arnmore and FOSSA showcases the potential of leveraging advanced technologies for efficient and effective infrastructure maintenance.

Visit our FOSSA XL section for more information or contact our sales team to explore how our infrastructure monitoring solution can enhance safety and efficiency for your critical assets.