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In 2018,

In 2018, Julián Fernández established FOSSA Systems as a non-profit organization with the objective of democratizing access to space and promoting the widespread adoption of IoT. A team of worldwide contributors developed FOSSASAT-1 as an open-source radio LoRa IoT repeater. Their inaugural launch project was sponsored by Everis Aerospace & Defense, which was later acquired by NTT Data.

FOSSA Systems has made significant strides in open-sourcing satellite software and hardware, allowing users to communicate with satellites in space anywhere on the planet. Their open-source contributions can be found on GitHub pages, where they collaborate with software developers, telecommunications engineers, and electrical engineers worldwide.

FOSSA Systems S.L. was formally established in Spain on July 13th, 2020, by Julián Fernández (CEO) and Vicente González (CTO). They created FOSSA Systems to provide affordable worldwide internet connections to those in need after recognizing the need for remote IoT connectivity. In 2022, FOSSA Systems was the European company to launch the most nanosatellites into space (satellites under 1kg), totaling 13 through two SpaceX Transporter Missions.

FOSSA Systems has received recognition for its accomplishments from various European-based entities, such as being named Best Startup of 2022 by El Español, Most Innovative Startup by the Spanish Journal Expansion, Best Startup by Alhambra Ventures and FEINDEF Foundation awards for entrepreneurship in the field of defense and security.

Satellite IoT


Our Milestone

Satellite IoT Rocket
December 2019

First spanish Picosatellite, FOSSA-Sat1 launched by FOSSA Systems on an Electron rocket.

July 2020
FOSSA Founders

FOSSA Systems S.L formally established.

January 2022

New generation of 6 FOSSA-Sat 2 Evolved nanosatellites launched with SpaceX

May 2022
Nanosatellite launch
7 FOSSA-Sat 2 Evolved nanosatellites launched with SpaceX
June 2023
New generation of 4 FOSSA-Sat FEROX nanosatellites launched with SpaceX

FOSSA Systems
was born with an objective to
democratize access to space and telecommunications in 2020.


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