Our history

FOSSASat-1. Spain’s first orbiting picosatellite

A new access to Space

The history of FOSSA Systems has its origin in the dream, utopian at the time, of a 16-year-old young man, Julián Fernández, who wanted to reach space in the most accessible way possible. That dream became the core of what FOSSA Systems is today: a company committed to the “democratization” of access to space and to improving economic activities through the use of IoT connectivity.

In 2019, FOSSA Systems, as a non-profit association, developed the FOSSASat-1, a miniaturized picosatellite platform. The objective was to offer a reference platform for institutions or companies seeking to launch their payload into space in a reliable and fast way.

Designed and assembled in Julián’s bedroom, and with the help of the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid, the FOSSASat-1, weighing 250 g and measuring 5 cm on a side, was the first picosatellite built and put into orbit of Spain and the third of the World. This Open Source satellite successfully communicated IoT data with Earth, becoming the demonstrator of the FOSSA Systems architecture.

This milestone in the history of FOSSA Systems led the company to be established as a Limited Company in July 2020. Today, the FOSSA Systems team, made up of more than 11 engineers, continues to grow, becoming a fundamental partner for those organizations and companies that want to improve their profitability and that of their clients, guaranteeing total control of their information and their own connectivity system.
Deployable Solar Panels
Gallium Arsenury TrisolX Photoelectric Cells.
LoRa transceiver
Free global communications through the use of low-power RF modules, compatible with the latest IoT technology.
Innovative technology
The latest in aerospace technology, dual redundant processing system. Completely designed and manufactured by us.
Software completely developed by us using the Arduino IDE, facilitating the programming process for students.

Start today!

Your low-power IoT Connectivity,

anywhere on Earth, for asset monitorization 

Start today!

Your low-power IoT Connectivity, anywhere on Earth, for asset monitorization