Monitored Energy

IoT allows us to collect a large volume of data about energy infrastructures, providing us with greater knowledge about the guidelines and actions that must be developed. In this way, better decisions can be made and greater efficiency and sustainability in the energy supply can be achieved.

  • Efficient meters: through efficient meters we can know the electricity consumption that is occurring at all times in any installation, both in a home and in an office in remote mode.
  • Platforms for lighting management: Electric lighting used in remote areas to maintain an adequate level of lighting can be optimized through IoT and make its operation much more efficient. This technology can identify when it is necessary to turn on because there is a presence of people nearby or even to perceive the appearance of animals in the area. Thus, when the area is deserted and it is not necessary to maintain the lighting, it will turn off, representing a very important saving and being able to adapt to the conditions and specific needs of each area.
  • Automatic correction systems: the IoT is also of great value for applying automatic corrections to inefficiencies that the energy system may present, helping us to solve adversities and preventing the problem from increasing and causing more and more negative effects on the network.
IoT applications in the energy industry

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