A new access to Space

We provide IoT connectivity through satellites and sensors,

reducing the cost of existing IoT solutions

Satellite IoT connectivity

We are experiencing an exponential growth of connected objects, but our
networks are not always capable of supporting us in all parts of the planet.

Thanks to our picosatellites, we can have IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity in critical
areas without coverage or mobile network, and thus have our assets always connected.
Dedicated and secure
IoT connectivity
Direct data reception
through a turnkey solution
Node and sensor
ecosystem available

Why our satellites?

Our platforms weigh less than 1 kg,
are highly accessible and high performance

We increase your profitability by guaranteeing
terms of less than 9 months for the launch
Reduced size and mass
Our picosatellites, weighing less
1 kg, reduce launch costs
Standardized platforms
The homogeneous and standardized design facilitates integration and reduces manufacturing times
COTS components
COTS components increase the performance
and allow us to continually innovate

Our applications

Our platforms collect and send secured data to
improve the efficiency and profitability of your business

Start today!

Secure, dedicated and reliable IoT connectivity anywhere

on the planet, combined with Earth Observation capabilities