FOSSASAT-1 is a pocketqube satellite which is being developed using free and open source ethics.

The FossaSat-1 Pocketqube

Created to reduce launch and development costs, FossaSat-1 will create the worlds first open source IoT network for less than the cost of a car.
Deployable Solar Panels
High efficiency TrisolX triple junction solar cells.
LoRa Transceiver
Free worldwide communications using inexpensive low power RF communications module, compatible with the latest in IoT technology.
KISS Electronics
ATMEGA based OBC that control the entire communications system, all our hardware is designed and manufactured in-house.
Reduced Cost
Launch and development cost less than that of a car!


FossaSat is a pocketqube satellite which is being developed using free and open source ethics, more detailed information about the hardware and software involved in this project can be found here.

Set to launch in Q3 of 2019, it will create the world’s first free and open source IoT network. The satellite will test the new LoRa spread spectrum modulation, allowing unprecedented link budgets with <5$ receivers, democratizing telecommunications to millions of students and individuals worldwide.

Based on the 5x5x5cm PocketQube standard, it will truly reduce the barrier to entry for launching a satellite with launch and development costs under 30000 EUR.

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