FOSSASAT-2 Evolved

A flexible and integrated 2P PocketQube platform designed for LEO constellations and demonstrator missions.

Rapid Deployment, Low-Cost

The FOSSASAT-2 Evolved picosatellite platform has been developed in response to the current market need for low-cost LEO constellations and performance-oriented integrated solutions for customer payloads such as IoT repeaters or EO sensors.

FOSSASAT-2 Evolved offers cutting-edge performance results at a fraction of the cost of existing nano/picosatellite solutions. Based on the PocketQube platform, this system of 5x5x5cm and 250g units hugely reduces the current cost for access to space. Costing under 36,000€ for access to a 500km low-earth orbit with the FOSSA PocketPod Deployer.

FOSSASAT-2 Evolved is designed to work with the most demanding customer & payload requirements, with a focus on efficient and reliable operations for commercial industry-grade services. Our vertical integration allows the customer to focus purely on the payload while FOSSA handles the platform, launch, licensing and early operations of the mission.


Performance-Oriented Systems

  • Best-in-class performance, our Base model features the following characteristics:
  • Full Reaction Wheel ADCS with two fine and course sun-sensors for accurate pointing
  • High-Performance ARM STM32 Processor with 512Mb of flash
  • 9W of peak power in Sun, with a 5V-1A and 3.3V-1A Bus
  • I2C and SPI communications with the Customer Payload, Fully customizable to specific needs
  • 40x40x50mm & 250g Payload Space. 
  • Up to 0.25Mb Downlink Speed
  • GNSS Receiver for LEOPS Phase TLE Determination and Tracking
  • 22dbm GFSK, LoRa & CW Transmission via a UHF antenna
  • Optional Propulsion integrated into platform Bus

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