A flexible and integrated 2P PocketQube platform designed for LEO constellations and demonstrator missions.


Fossa Systems has developed the FOSSASAT-2 picosatellite platform in response to the current market need for LEO telecommunications constellations and performance-oriented integrated solutions for customer payloads such as radio modules or EO sensors.

Having learned from the design of the FOSSASAT-1 satellite launched in December of 2019, these latest improvements are reflected with this new architecture.

Based on the PocketQube platform, this system of 5x5x5cm and 250g units hugely reduces the current cost for access to space. Costing under 40,000€ for access to a 500km low-earth orbit with existing brokers.

FOSSASAT-2 uses two pockeqube units (2P) and has a weight of a maximum of 500g, it uses the UHF band for transmission of telemetry and uplink, reaching a maximum of 50kbps using medium-gain antennas.

Base model features a GNSS receiver, GFSK, LoRa & CW Transmission, an ARM STM32 Processor with 512Mb of flash, a high-efficieny MPPT based EPS with a regulated 3.3V common bus and 1W of solar power in direct sunlight.

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FossaSat-2 Sponsored by

EVERIS ADS is committed to the development of picosatellites, entrepreneurship and student participation in this new industry. Its sponsorship of the development and the environmental tests have made the launch of FossaSat-2 possible.

EVERIS ADS and Fossa Systems, together with their community, are collaborating in the future development of applications for these satellites.

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