FOSSASat-2 Evolved

A flexible and integrated 2P picosatellite,
designed for low-orbiting constellations
The FOSSASat-2 Evolved picosatellite has been developed in response to the current market need for low-cost LEO constellations and performance-oriented integrated solutions to provide IoT communications, in-orbit demonstration (IoD) services, and Earth observation ( EO).

FOSSASAT-2 Evolved has a dimension of 5x5x10cm and a mass of 500gr.

This platform is designed to meet the payload requirements of the most demanding customers, with a focus on efficient and reliable operations for industrial-grade government and commercial services. Our vertical integration allows the customer to focus solely on the payload while FOSSA handles the platform, launch, licensing and early mission operations.

The FOSSASat-2 Evolved is designed for operations of more than 2 years.

For more information, download the product sheet here.

Our payloads


  • High capacity LoRa concentrator for ISM bands (industrial, scientific and medical)
  • Capacity for 400,000 messages per day
  • Dedicated antenna


Multi and hyperspectral camera with GSD capabilities of 10-20m / px


Flexible and reliable platform to test a wide range of payloads, according to the needs of each client

Our capabilities

Pin Point Precision

  • 3 – axis active stabilization, 3 RWs + Magnetorquers.
  • Inertial unit with fine and coarse sun sensors, pointing accuracy <5º

Standardized but flexible

  • 32 bits microprocessor 
  • Data buses: UART, I2C, SPI

An easy to use and reliable interface for your payload

  • Linux Capable Dedicated payload controller
  • Dedicated payload memory

Maximizing power

  • Up to 9W of solar power generation, with MPPT capabilities
  • 5v and 3.3v, regulated buses
  • Up to 10Wh energy storage


  • High database,1Mbps
  • Nominal 9,6 kbps backup
  • Dedicated antenna for uplink communications from low power ground devices

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