The industrial sensor for IoT connectivity with satellites

FOSSA-XL sensor acts as an independent and autonomous industrial solution to send and receive data, collected by the sensors attached to it, to and from our satellites.

It can serve as a gateway for smaller FOSSA sensors, distributed in concentrated networks.

An independent and autonomous solutions, as it is charged by solar energy and does not require orders to operate.


Direct satellite link

Low power LoRa connectivity to our LEO picosatellites. UHF uplinkand downlink capabilities for telemetry and control.

Processing & Power

The FOSSA-XL sensor can process its own data to improve decission making and collects data from its on-board GPS, temperature, humidity and light sensors.

FOSSA-XL sensor LoRA IoT

LoRa Gateway

Besides being independent, FOSSA-XL sensor can act as a gateway for smaller sensors.

Autonomous power and operation

Solar power generation guarantees continuous operations in the harshest environments and remote areas.

Application specific sensors

Select the most suitable sensor for your application such us soil composition, weather, CO2 and emissions data (RS485, I2C interface). 

Technical data


GPS, Temperature, Humidity, Light

Frequencies & Channels

Dual Band 868MHz (Satellite Uplink) & 402MHz (Satellite Downlink), 868MHz FOSSA-S communication

Power & Life

5W solar panel, long endurance 12V battery for extended period operation (sustainable battery life)

Size & Mass

10x30x20 cm and 2,5 kg

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