FOSSA Systems announces the launch of seven new satellites for Global IoT Connectivity

  • FOSSA Systems will deploy 7 new satellites with Momentus as part of their initial constellation of 80.
  • Pilot projects are underway  for accessible and cost-efficient IoT in remote areas.


May, 2022 – Madrid, Spain. FOSSA Systems, Spanish IoT connectivity provider and satellite manufacturer, announces the launch of 7 new picosatellites with SpaceX. These will be part of the satellite constellation the scaleup is deploying to provide global and real-time IoT connectivity for industrial applications.  The launch will be carried out by Momentus, a U.S. commercial space company, aboard the Vigoride Orbital Transfer Vehicle flying on a Falcon 9 rocket.

These new picosatellites, manufactured by FOSSA Systems, will join the constellation of 80 that the Spanish scaleup began deploying in early 2022. The constellation, which will already have 13 satellites, will enable FOSSA to offer IoT connectivity, with a 10-hour data latency. As more satellites are deployed, FOSSA will offer lower latency times, reaching near real-time data with the 80 satellites projected for 2024. Two PocketPOD deployers contain 7 FOSSASAT-2E satellites and a third-party PocketQube satellite as part of FOSSA’s launch brokerage service for picosatellites.

“Just 4 months after our first launch we are already deploying our next iteration of satellites for global IoT as a service. This demonstrates the agility and speed at which we are executing our solution. We are building on the success of our last mission and now executing several pilot projects.” said Julian Fernandez, CEO of FOSSA Systems.

This allows FOSSA Systems to offer a complete service of global coverage in IoT connectivity for low-power sensors located anywhere on the planet, and to develop all kind of industrial applications for companies or agencies with assets in remote areas or without or poor mobile coverage.

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