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The business of transport companies is based on moving goods from a supplier or warehouse to an end customer. Within this business we have to take into account all the factors that make this possible: warehouses, the transport network (roads, rails, sea and air) and the vehicles used for transport (trucks, trains, airplanes, ships ).

All these components are devices that can be communicated through the IoT.

A transport company with its entire fleet connected has a powerful competitive tool in its favor.

The IoT allows the company headquarters to know the exact location of each of the vehicles that make up a fleet, determining without margin of error which is the best positioned for a service. In addition, it also allows you to choose the best route according to the traffic conditions and the distance to travel.

If the vehicles have sensors, it is possible to control at what temperature the merchandise travels, as well as to alert to possible breakages or blows. In this way, if there is an incident in the destination, it can be dealt with immediately.

Having the information in real time makes it possible to remedy the incident when the incident occurs, avoiding wasted time and optimizing the customer experience.

IoT para una logisitca conectada

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