Blockchain will allow the creation of more secure networks, in which IoT devices are reliably interconnected, avoiding threats such as device counterfeiting and impersonation.

The amount of benefits will be remarkable and quite relevant for any company:

  • High data quality: Blockchain data is complete, consistent, accurate, and widely available, as it is validated by all participants.
  • User empowerment: people will be in control of all their information and transactions.
  • Durability, Reliability and Longevity: Due to decentralized networks, the Blockchain does not have a central point of failure and is more resistant to malicious attacks.
  • Process integrity: users can trust that their transactions are executed exactly as the protocol determines, eliminating the need for a third party.
  • Transparency and immutability: changes in public Blockchains are visible everywhere, bringing transparency, to the process. Additionally, all transactions are immutable, that is, they cannot be altered or eliminated by a network participant.
  • Ecosystem simplification: with all transactions being added to a single public reason book, this reduces the clutter and complications generated by multiple books. There is a “unique” truth.
  • Lower cost per transaction: by eliminating the intermediaries and overheads for the exchange of goods, the Blockchain has the potential to significantly reduce transaction rates.
  • Greater security and ease of monitoring and data transactions: generating more intelligence and control for CIOs and other departments.

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Your low-power IoT Connectivity, anywhere on Earth, for asset monitorization