Smart Farm

The main advantage of the application of the IoT in livestock is the improvement in the control and management of animals and their production.

Internet of Things devices can help control the health of animals, monitoring their vital signs, the kilometers they travel, an imminent delivery or even the ideal moment for their mating. Thus, a sensor that does not register any movement for a long time can indicate that the animal is sick or has suffered an accident.

In poultry farms, for example, we can control the environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, noise, gas concentration, etc.) of the enclosures in which the birds are raised and the water level or the amount of food available. , automating replacement tasks.

Transport is also a task that represents a great risk to the welfare of the animals, having to pay special attention to variables such as temperature or weather conditions. They are conditioning factors that, like the breeding enclosures, can be monitored through IoT devices.

Another use of the IoT in livestock is the geolocation of livestock in real time through GPS sensors installed in collars or other devices. It is a very useful use within extensive livestock farming developed in large areas of land where animals move freely.

IoT applications in livestock

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