Smart Agriculture

IoT solutions (Internet of Things) in the agriculture sector are a great help for its digitization and improvement of agricultural productivity.

The implementation and development of IoT technologies in agriculture refers both to the hardware and software components associated with this technology, as well as the implementation and development of systems that help digitize and improve agricultural productivity, improving decision-making in crops.

Currently it is estimated that there are more than 9,000 million connected devices in the world, this makes the amount of data and information that can be obtained through them to apply it to the agricultural sector, very important. With these technologies the farmer is able to:

  • Analyze environmental variables (soil, climate …)
  • Monitor the soil and cultivation, and collect environmental information.
  • Study processes of evolution of crops.
  • Create specific machine learning models.
  • Implement decision support systems for process optimization.
  • Measure the different social sensors for components that affect decision-making: predict demand, schedule the harvest, adapt the harvest to prices…

Technology and in particular the IoT is a great opportunity to get a better crop yield and it immediately translates into increased profitability and less waste of the planet’s available resources.

IoT solutions for agriculture

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