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August 7, 2020by Julian Fernandez

Julian Fernandez – CEO


FOSSA Systems incorporates a Commercial Division

Madrid, Spain – 7th Aug 2020

FOSSA Systems announces today that it has incorporated a commercial entity named “FOSSA SYSTEMS S.L” with headquarters in Madrid, Spain. This decision has been taken in order to facilitate and further pursue our final goal of making IoT telecommunications and space accessible to everyone. FOSSA will pursue the development of PocketQube technologies, space access services to LEO and ultimately the creation of a global telecommunications network.

FOSSA Systems Non-profit juvenile association will continue to operate independently following its clear non-profit objectives involved with amateur radio and education. The upcoming launch of FOSSASAT-2 and 1B are a small portion of the future educational launches planned by FOSSA Non-profit. Similarly, we are committed to keeping our technologies open for the public, as has been always done using Github (https://github.com/FOSSASystems).

FOSSA Systems announces the incorporation of UPM graduated Aerospace Engineer Vicente González as chief technical officer of FOSSA Systems for its commercial operations. Vicente González has experience in mission analysis and the picosatellite industry having previously worked at Everis Aerospace & Defense.

About Us

FOSSA Systems is an aerospace company developing picosatellites as a vertically integrated service (satellites <1kg) for LEO. It launched its first satellite FOSSASAT-1 in December 2019. We offer complete in-house solutions, from design to launch and operations. FOSSA Systems provides satellite systems, launch services, satellite services and offers consultancy for their respective development. FOSSA is working on a global IoT and satellite service constellation, with it’s first demonstrator successfully tested in 2019. Our aim is to reduce the cost barrier to space and space-based services through miniaturization.

Julian Fernandez

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