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December 18, 2018by Julian Fernandez

We once again have a very loaded update for our FossaSat-1 project full of advancements and announcements.


We are very proud to announce we have signed an orbital launch contract with Alba Orbital for a 385km SSO launch aboard a Rocket Labs Electron Rocket in Q2 of 2019. This marks a major step in our project, confirming the possibility of us truly launching into space. We are very excited about this announcement and the possibilities it presents to us for the future of this project.


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If all goes as planned and all the required authorizations are received in time, FossaSat-1 will undergo the integration process into the satellite deployer early next year.

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(Electron Rocket launching from Mahia 1 complex, Rocket Labs)

Satellite Development

Since the last update of the satellite hardware, a large series of advancements have been carried out. The most substantial developments are related to the deployment system of the solar panels and antenna, this system is fully working and functioning as intended. Seen below is a video demonstrating the remote activation of this system, which utilizes a resistor to burn a fishing line which in turn releases the solar panels and antenna.

(FossaSat-1 Remotely deploying its panels & antenna)


The software for the satellite beacon is currently under testing and has completed a 3-day continuous trial to this day, demonstrating its ability to function correctly. More torture tests on its functionality will be carried out. Vacuum, Vibration and thermal testing of the satellite will start being carried out this January in private laboratory. We are also planning an upcoming weather balloon launch in order to test the telecommunications capabilities of LoRa.

Hackaday, Hackster.io & Social Media

We have recently been featured on a Hackster.io post, this article provides great insight into the possibilities of FossaSat-1 and a brief overview of the project. We have also set up a Hackaday page for FossaSat-1, where we will update information on more precise details of the satellite electronics. We periodically post information about the satellite using our social media, you can keep up with us by following us @FossaSys.


You might have noticed a new page on this website, we have a set up a shop that will soon be selling merchandise and products that will support our project. Stay tuned for updates!


Since our last update, we have officially registered Fossa Systems as a non-profit juvenile association based in Spain, guaranteeing our goals of fulfilling non-profit projects intended for students, amateurs and worldwide.

We have formally requested a payload integration authorization to the New Zealand Space Agency, which will allow us to launch from the Mahia Launch complex.



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