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Our Vision

The lowest cost on the market

High performance standardized satellite systems in a reduced formfactor. We offer flexible and vertically integrated solutions: from design to launch and operations. We deal with all the complexities of getting a satellite to space for less than the cost of a 1U launch. Wether it is an in-orbit service, your pocketqube satellite, payload or constellation needs.

Design & Licensing


Manufacturing and Qualification


Launch and Operations

IoT y Asset Monitorization
Demonstrated on our first satellite FOSSASAT-1 in 2019 via LoRa comms.
Earth Observation
First demonstration on FOSSASAT-2 in 2020, down to 20m/pixel on the platform.
In-Orbit Demonstration
The most inexpensive way to gain flight heritage in space.

About Us

FOSSA Systems

Fossa Systems is a leading aerospace company developing picosatellites (satellites <1kg) for LEO services. It launched its first satellite FOSSASAT-1 in December 2019. We offer vertically integrated satellite solutions, from design to launch and operations. We sell satellite systems and offer consultancy, aiming at companies, superior education centres and organizations. 

History and Experience

Fossa Systems developed the first spanish picosatellite starting in 2018, FossaSat-1. This 1P open source satellite was succesfully launched in orbit aboard an electron rocket and experiment with LoRa IOT technologies, it is the first demonstrator of our architecture.

We are currently working on our new 2P architecture FOSSASAT-2, which will launch together with FOSSASAT-1B in Q2 2020 aboard a Firefly Alpha launch vehicle. This project involves the PicoBus deployed built by Libre Space Foundation in Collaboration with Fossa Systems.

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