Open Source Picosatellite Development

Our Vision

Fossa Systems is a non-profit juvenile association which is developing one of the smallest satellites ever made. Our objective is to democratize access to space, both regarding telecommunications and access to in-orbit hardware by using picosatellites that can fit in your pocket and can be launched for less than the cost of a car.

Our first satellite, FossaSat-1, will be launched into orbit later this year and will create the world’s first fully free & open source global telecommunications network.  This will expand access to IoT telecommunications to millions of students and individuals worldwide.

Thanks to this new system, no ground-based infrastructure is needed to communicate without satellite. Using homemade <4 EUR receivers, any monitorization sensors or individuals can access the network.

We carry out educational workshops with schools on an international level, inspiring a new generation of young engineers and scientists. We give students the possibility of experimenting with space, in an open and free manner.


We have extensive ties with educations in Spain and in the United Kingdom. We carry out educational workshops with schools using our pocketqube kits and mentor them regarding satellite and weather balloon payload development.

We have been taken onboard by 3Dicey to provide their workshops with satellite contents and learning topics for highschool students.

FossaSat-1 Sponsored by

EVERIS ADS is committed to the development of picosatellites, entrepreneurship and student participation in this new industry. Its sponsorship of the launch and the environmental tests have made the launch of FossaSat-1 possible.

EVERIS ADS and Fossa Systems, together with their community, are collaborating in the future development of applications for these satellites.

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